Secrets to a Happy Dog

Dogs are generally happy by nature, especially when cared for properly.One thing that really puts a smile on my face is the excitement my dog has when I arrive home. He’s always happy to see me no matter what. He’s never ill or moody. And it dosen’t matter if he was in trouble that morning, ignored, left with no breakfast, he’s always on cloud 9 when he sees me. In his eyes I do no wrong, which is precious.However there are a few things that are the key to a happy, healthy I will reveal them to you.


Fresh, clean, drinking water is crucial to your pet’

s health and happiness. Water is crucial to every organ in their body, it is also important for their Mental Health. Without water, your dog will die.


Dogs are primarily meat eaters. It’s important for your dog to have high quality dogfood. When choosing a dogfood, its important to read the label. The first two ingriedients should always be meat. Look for a food with very little corn and fillers. I feed my dog vitamins to ensure he is getting what he needs. A good, balanced diet is a must.


Exercise is good for his physical needs as so his mental. Encourage and challenge your dog. It will pay off in the long run.


In the wild, dogs have caves and dens to get out of the weather. Almost all Dogs prefer to be inside the house with their owner. If this is not practical for your home, your dog needs a safe place to reside, when weather conditions are not favorable or if a predator such as a coyote threatens. Dogs enjoy socializing with people and other dogs. A dog pinned up alone for long periods of time, more than likely is not a happy dog.


There’s nothing a dog loves more then to have his Sweet Spot, your dog’s most favorite area of his body to be scratched, rubbed, and attended to. However, a dog would prefer his chest be scratched over a great big bear hug. Dogs are social animals and need to be petted and touched.


It dosen’t take much to make your dog happy. As you can see, dogs need attention, nutrition, shelter, good quality water, and lots of petting and love…just like we do. If you show your dog love and care he will give the same in return, usually more. They don’t call them “man’s best friend” for nothing!

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