Get Rid of Fleas Cheap!

Being a life long lover of dogs, throughout the years, I have struggled with the nuisance of fleas. There’s nothing worse than the thought of your four legged companion miserably itching and biting away at these annoying parasites who cause them much pain and frustration.

I have tried it all! Most of the store or vet bought remedys are pretty pricey. I have been known to be a thrifty nickel, I hate to waste money, especially if i do not need too. Here’s my top remedies which i have tried and had good success with. Not to mention, they’re cheap!

Garlic Powder

Dawn (blue)

A good vacuum cleaner

Garlic Powder

Start sprinkling garlic powder on your dog’s food a few weeks before flea season. It will work from the inside out and naturally repel fleas from your dog. This is my number 1 chosen method for ridding my home and animals of fleas. It really works! However, you must remember to start the garlic powder a few weeks before flea season begins. You need the garlic powder in their system. It takes a good solid week to build up in their bodies to be released through their pores. After a few weeks, you only need to use it three times per week. However, if you bath your dog, you must build up enough garlic again because the soap, more than lilely, will cleanse his pores of the garlicy oil thats being secreted.

Dawn (Blue)

Bath your dog with blue Dawn. It is safe and works effectively. It does not kill the fleas but paralyzes them. They will easily surface and rince away during a good wash. When you have finished remember to pour bleach down the drain. This will kill the fleas.

A Good Vacuum cleaner

Is the best way to rid your home of fleas. Thoroughly vacuum, concentrating on areas your pet uses most. Immediately discard bag or debree. If left in vacuum, they will find their way out. I always dump my bagless debree in my burn barrel and light them up!

These are my tried and proven ways to rid your home and pet of fleas. I would love your feedback and any other solutions for flea infestations! Comment below!

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